My name is Emily Do and I am a multi-media artist, designer, teacher, and professional Usui Reiki practitioner based in northern Virginia.  I want to share my work, knowledge, and skills with the world in order to leave it a more beautiful and bright place.

Having been deeply interested in the nature behind all things since I was a child, I was naturally drawn toward studying the arts, metaphysics, and spiritual philosophies as means for comprehending the world and universe at large.  It has led me to explore and practice many different art forms for over two decades, earn a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009, learn many modalities of natural/alternative and energy healing, become a certified and professional Usui Reiki practitioner in 2013, as well as teach art privately and through various art programs and studios since graduating college.  From all of these endeavors, I have come to see that all things are connected to each other and that life is about learning, evolution, and expansion of consciousness.  Our true, eternal nature is blessed with free will, creativity, and well-being.  And I believe that it is one of my life's purposes to help others discover these things through my work and practices in art, healing, and teaching.  

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