Astrology Reports

In-depth astrological reports can provide great insight about yourself, your relationships, future, and health. Birth date, time, and location are required for these reports. 

  • Natal / Birth Chart Psychological Analysis Report: $48.00 (~25 pages)

  • Yearly Personal Forecast Report: $208.00 (~160 pages)

  • Relationship Report (Platonic/Romantic): $54.00 (~30 pages)

  • Body & Soul / Medical Astrology Report: $98.00 (~54 pages)

Please click on "Add to Cart" and then enter the birth information in the pop-up form. After checkout, your report(s) will be e-mailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours.

Natal / Birth Chart Psychological Analysis Report

Ever wondered why you are the way you are? In-depth analysis of your natal chart can help explain personality, inclinations, passions, habits, and more. Great birthday gift for yourself or others interested in deeper self discovery and understanding.

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Yearly Personal Forecast Report

Gain insight into what planetary influences will occur for you within a time span of a year. Great gift for yourself or others to stay prepared and plan for a successful year.

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Relationship Compatibility Report (Platonic/Romantic)

Interested in better understanding your dynamic with your lover, friend, co-worker, employer, or family member? Want to know why someone drives you crazy or why you feel so connected to them? This report will analyze both your natal charts and explain how both your unique planetary influences at birth affect each other. Learn about why and what really makes you and another person work well together, when and why it doesn't, and how to better support each other.

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Body & Soul / Medical Astrology Report

Curious as to why you may repeatedly run into the same health issues? Want to learn how to better prevent health issues from occurring and learn what would help balance your body and soul? This report will help analyze and explain how your unique birth day, time, and location affects your well-being.

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