Essential Oil Family Discount

Everyone who knows me knows that I do my best to stay healthy. I am always on the hunt for ways to nourish my body, mind, and spirit. One practice that has really changed my life is incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into my daily life. They’re truly a gift from nature that humans have learned to harness. One company that I really trust to harvest and distill them properly is Young Living. As a Gemini who loves to research, I haven’t come across any other brand that shows as much transparency and exceedingly high standards as they do for the production of their oils. If you are here, you’ve probably experienced how incredible they smell and make you feel during one of my healing sessions, and want to know more about them and how they can benefit you. Essential oils can be a big and daunting world to navigate, so thankfully, Young Living has made it easy to begin your journey with what they call a Premium Starter Kit. Inside this kit contains the top 11 most loved, used, and versatile essential oils, an ultrasonic diffuser, free samples of their incredible household cleaner, smaller oil samples for sharing or travel,

Step 1

Purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit by clicking this link. This will automatically input my referral or ID number so I know you’ve joined me and my “oily family” in this essential oil movement.

Step 2

I will send you a welcome email and reach out to you within a week to see how you’re liking your kit, and if you have any questions or need any tips.

Step 3

If you want to make use of your exclusive healing discount, add whichever healing treatments you’d like to your cart and enter code “PSK10” at checkout. You’ll receive 10% off your ENTIRE purchase. Now that’s a sweet treat for choosing health!