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I offer Usui Reiki sessions and Access Consciousness Bars sessions at a private office in Highland, MD.

Private Office
13991 Clarksville Pike, Highland, MD 20777
(703) 943-9287


General Availability

SUN - TUE: 9 am - 5 pm
WED - SAT:  closed

All sessions need to be scheduled and paid for ahead of time. Please use this website to first schedule (fill out Contact or Schedule An Appointment form) then pay (add session type/add-ons to cart and checkout).

Appointments outside of the listed times and locations are sometimes possible; please message me directly to request/confirm: (703) 943-9287 /

Parking is free.

Payment via cash, credit/debit card (through this website), Paypal, or Venmo are accepted.

NEW PATIENTS: Please complete and bring this form before our first session.

If you have any questions prior to your session, please contact me by clicking on the button below:

Reiki Sessions

BEST FOR: Stress and acute pain relief, relaxation, spiritual insight and messages, increased energy and mental clarity

Reiki sessions are 1 hour long, including consultation before and after treatment. Actual treatment time usually lasts between 45-50 minutes.  All reiki sessions include crystals laid on and around the body for additional healing.

I offer enhancement of my Reiki sessions with the additional use of the Richway Amethyst Biomat (an amethyst and tourmaline filled mat that emits far infrared waves for healing) and therapeutic grade essential oils fit for you.

Long distance Reiki sessions include a 30 minute long treatment time and an email summary or 10 minute Skype/phone call of feedback. Reiki sent remotely or long distance can be directed towards people, animals, places, events past/present/future.

I also offer Reiki for pets. All listed rates apply to sessions for animals and people.


  • Classic Reiki, $108
    Reiki + crystals

  • Amethyst Reiki, $128
    Reiki + crystals + Amethyst Biomat

  • Aroma Amethyst Reiki, $138
    Reiki + crystals + Amethyst Biomat + therapeutic essential oils

  • Long Distance / Remote Reiki, $60

  • Package*: 6 sessions - 10% off / 8 sessions - 15% off

*Packages expire a year from purchase. While there are no limitations or requirements for scheduling, a consistent frequency is recommended (e.g. once a week, month, or every other month—can be determined after first session consultation).

Reiki Session
from 60.00
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Access Bars Sessions

BEST FOR: Chronic illness pain relief, releasing stubborn energetic blocks/issues/limitations (mentally, emotionally, spiritually), relaxation, mental clarity

Access Consciousness / Bars sessions are 1 hour long, including roughly 45-50 minute treatment time and 15-10 minute feedback/consultation time. All sessions are done in person only. 

Chakra clearing with essential oils, sage smoke, and/or singing bowls may be added to your session as optional treatment enhancements.



  • Single 60 min. session, $108

  • Package: 6 sessions - 10% off / 8 sessions - 15% off

optional enhancements (+$10 each):
+ aura/chakra clearing with sage smoke
+ aura/chakra clearing with singing bowl
+ customized blend of therapeutic grade essential oils

*Packages expire a year from purchase. While there are no limitations or requirements for scheduling, a consistent frequency is recommended (e.g. once a week, month, or every other month—can be determined after first session consultation).

Access Bars Session
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Emily has been of great help during some hard times I’ve been going through. After reiki sessions with her, I’ve felt more calm and at peace. Definitely will be doing more reiki sessions. Her intuitiveness with card reading have also given me reinforcement and have helped me towards making better decisions. Emily is very positive and bright and uses it effectively for the healing of others. Looking forward to keep working her and continue my healing.
— Fiorella S.
I have been interested in Reiki for a long time and wanted to try it out. I want to become a healing practitioner and I wanted to get a Reiki treatment to decide if it was something I wanted to learn for myself. I was mostly looking for relaxation and to have my energy more balanced and grounded.

I felt extremely relaxed both during and after the treatment with Emily. I really enjoyed it, and it inspired me to want to learn more about Reiki. I felt more grounded, clear, and less stressed after the session, and that feeling persisted for a couple days after the treatment. It has also inspired me to meditate more and work on my own self-healing. I would definitely recommend a Reiki session with Emily. It is extremely relaxing, and I felt very refreshed and grounded afterwards.
— Ellen B.
I had a wonderful experience with Emily. I had a lot of [mind] chatter during the beginning of our session but when she moved onto my heart chakra, I felt Emily’s energy above [it] and began to feel much lighter and more open. I had a tingling in my legs and the chatter in my mind was completely gone by the end of the session. I was extremely relaxed and felt I had an easier time concentrating and less nervous energy.

The next two days after my session, I was quite emotional but by the end of the week, I had noticeably much less anxiety and an openness in my chest. My husband even noticed I seemed more relaxed than usual. For a few weeks after receiving Reiki with Emily, I definitely felt more at ease and less irritable. I did notice that under the stress I have been under lately, that the anxiety was returning but this has just led me to believe that I need to continue my sessions with Emily as preventative maintenance.

Emily has a warmth about her that makes you feel comfortable, at ease and that you are in very good hands. She listens very attentively and you know that she has your best interest at heart and will go the extra measure to work towards achieving your desired goals. I love working with her on my spiritual growth and would definitely (and have) recommend her to others looking to make changes in their life for the better.
— Erin S.
Emily is a wonderful Reiki Master! She is very in-tune with the rocks and oils she chooses in each session. Her intuition is strong. Also, I have had other Reiki Masters work on me. She is the only Master who has visions as she works on me, and after her work, she will tell me her visions and where exactly she was working on when it appeared. I found them very insightful, and interesting as well. I look forward to more sessions with her in the future.
— Vanessa L.
Emily is most enjoyable to work with. She is calm and patient and has a way clearing out the stuffiness - so to speak.

Before my first session, she explained the practice and how the process works and after the session she reviewed what energies needed clearing and what some problem areas/issues may have been. I have since been coming to her fairly regularly and I prefer to address issues that present themselves at the time of the appointment rather than focus on one area. But she also addresses the recurring issues too.

We chat before and after sessions and Emily suggests different approaches that may enhance a certain aspect of the process. I imagine she does this for each person to customize and improve their individual sessions. I normally experience a calmness during and after a session. Sometimes during sessions, I have lucid dreams and can feel radiant heat or even cool waves.

I now have a better awareness of the surrounding energies and how I may be affecting my environment. Long term, the Reiki sessions have helped me to learn to relax and also focus on my priorities as well as others.
— Kristina M.
When I had my Reiki session with Emily Do, not only was she very professional and courteous but was also very attentive to my needs. The first thing she did was make sure I was absolutely comfortable in my environment and also allowed me to choose my own ambient music to customize my surroundings. After the treatment, she was able to answer my questions regarding the session and was clear that she was very knowledgeable in the field.

I was suffering from bouts of insomnia and frequent sleeplessness before I came to see Emily. After the session, I felt very relieved and was able to sleep soundly for the first time in weeks that night! Since then, I’ve been able to sleep much better and wake up when I need to in the morning with enough energy to be productive during the day. I am very thankful for the Reiki treatment Emily has given me. I highly recommend her to my family and friends for her expertise as a Reiki Master.
— Annie M.