"Moments" series
various dimensions


Through what may appear to be simple and casual abstractions, I attempt to express and explore notions of unity in seemingly disparate things, microcosms and macrocosms, time, physical and metaphorical spaces, and to find meaning in everyday moments.

Parallels between content and appearance are as important as their making. Open titles, intimate scale, apparent materiality, and overall flat imagery--which often manifests as loops, soft layers of color, bold lines, and patterns--suggest aspects of nature and ideas about personal experiences, while leaving room for personal interpretation.  While the orchestration of these elements leads to a physical contrasting and conceptual mirroring of these ideas, the meditation upon the image and object is more important than the story behind its conception.  

My process of intuitively executing pieces in one sitting is a practice in embracing the familiar unknown in the present moment, finding inner and outer awareness, and connecting the invisible with the visible. Often beginning with a desire to gain understanding of a situation or idea, colors and forms are put down and retracted until their composition resonates with a feeling of clarity and completeness. My work and practice, therefore, results in not only a physical record of creation, but also a reflection upon personal insights and universal truths and ideals.

March 2013